The very first school of the Kesso Bah Foundation opened its door on October 25, 2021, after 9 months of construction.

Located in the village of Condel, 500 kilometres from the Guinean capital, Conakry, the primary school has already welcomed 104 students from the village and its surroundings.
Attending this school, will allow the children to be in a safe environment that is close to their home. The facility has four classrooms, a toilet block and living quarters for the principal. With the support of the Guinean government, we were also able to recruit teachers.

Our thanks to the Ministry of Education for supporting our initiative to help improve access to education in rural areas. Children, wherever they live, should receive the same education and opportunities so that can thrive and decide their future.
Finally, many thanks to our generous donors without whom the project could not have been completed.

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